About our DNA!

Traditional Greek seafood.

Signature Dishes

Fresh whole imported grilled fish.


Variety of Savory traditional Mezedes (small plates or starters) and raw and marinated assorted Saganaki dishes prepared with Greek cheeses.

Main Courses

Grilled whole fish, lamb, steak and other specialty entrees. The menu starts with dips like melitzana, smoked eggplant with black sesame, and skordalia, and is followed by a unique selection of raw and marinated fish like the signature Greek barbouni, a red mullet soaked in vinegar, rosemary and olive oil. Traditional whole fish is sold by the pound and grilled with lemon and olive oil and herbs.


Greek for “cellar,” Kellari offers 350 Greek and international wines by the bottle and dozens by the glass – ample choice for pairing up with an extensive menu of contemporary Hellenic fare.


Seating Capacity 220, with semi private rooms for up to 50-80 people, including A/V capabilities.

Kellari Kitchen

Most Greek restaurateurs love where we live and live to celebrate both our location and our ingredients, from the land, air and sea. KELLARI is our interpretation of the best we have come to know in the Greek culture of family where it is best and most often celebrated, at the dinner table.
At KELLARI rarely you will find your favorite regional classics as you have eaten them in restaurants throughout Greece. What you will find delicious is simple food that tastes as good as you remember from your last visit to Greece.

Our Philosophy

Here at Kellari we strive in the Greek fashion to shorten the time and distance any ingredient spends from the soil, or the water, or the air, to the plate.
We purchase directly from Greek and Mediterranean importers fish, oil, cheese, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and beans because they are so distinct and virtually indispensable to the creation of a great Greek meal.
We fervently believe in the inherent quality, freshness and greatness of our regions ingredients purchased from local, predominantly organic, farmers and friends, many of them from forgotten or heirloom varietals.
Our desserts are like none you have ever eaten in Greece, yet they feel and taste totally Greek.


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